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As the charity has developed its aims and educational structure, our rehoming department now works within our own Facebook pages to help find homes for veterans. 

Those wishing to either offer a new home for a veteran or wish to place their veteran on our group for rehoming; we ask that you place the advert yourselves along with a current photograph.

All our adverts will be approved by our administrators and we have given a sample below of how you may wish to word your advert.


Tom'  1998.  15 hh Bay gelding - situated in Lancashire.

Tom is a 20 year old Welsh Cob X that has been in our family for approximately 10 years.  He is now retired but with careful management can be brought back to light hacking.  He is currently on no medication and is stabled at night through the winter and cold months.  He has no special needs only TLC and is very gentle.

He is good to clip, box and show, although, through no fault of his own, has not been ridden for over 3 years.  He is excellent to hack out and is excellent with mares and geldings.  Please PM me directly if you wish to have more information on him.


Whiskey - 2001.  14.3 TB x chestnut Mare - Cornwall

Whiskey is currently 17 and has sadly been outgrown.  We are looking for a forever home for her.  She can be quite flighty but in the right hands is a lovely forward going ride.  She has shown in VHS classes, as well as done various Riding Club activities and Dressage.  She is on a supplement for her joints and is fed just 2 small feeds a day.  Whiskey is in at night all year and loves her home comforts.  Please PM me if you can help, thanks.


Patrick - 1994  16.3hh ID X Grey - Fife

Sadly Patrick is now retired and we are looking for a permanent retirement home for him.  He is a gentle giant and is excellent with all horses of all ages.  Sadly we are going to be without grazing and need to find him a home urgently.  Due to arthritis he is not able to now be ridden and is on 1 bute  a day during the winter.  He does not bandaging at night when he is stabled at night.  He is not on any hard feed but has adlib haylage. 

We hope this gives an example of placing an advert on our facebook pages.  However, please contact the charity directly if you need any help or advice.

01239 / 881300  07789 514004. (24 hours)

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