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Fund raising is vital to our work around the UK.  If you have an event you would or are going to organise locally, please do consider the Veteran Equine Trust to be your nominated charity.  All our funds go directly into the care and rehabilitation educational programme which has helped hundreds of older and horses around the UK.



Should you wish to legacy money in your Final Will and Testament, then we ask that you contact a solicitor who can organise this for you and they will simply need the name and charity number of your given choice.  These funds have been a lifeline to the charity over the years.


On-line competitions

Our sister organisation has and continues to raise funds on line and this can be a great way of meeting people and also fund raising.



Many people love showing and competing their horses and this can be great fun to organise.  Perhaps you don’t have the time?  If not why not put forward the charity to be a local shows nominated charity for the season.


There are so many ways of raising funds and there are pages available on social platforms to have a look at.  For example Go Fund Me, Easy fundraising and GalaBid


If you need any help or assistance with any of the above please call us directly


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