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Care and Welfare of horses and ponies over the age of 15

Education support and information

Directly care for horses within their own environment


Feeding and Management Care.


New Direction

Veteran Equine Trust horse
Veteran Equine Trust

About Veteran Equine Trust

  • The Charity (previously known as Veteran Horse Welfare), was launched in 2004, to assist and promote the care and welfare of older horses.  Since the launch many years ago, the charity has achieved more than it could have hoped for.  It has changed and promoted the welfare of horses and ponies over the age of 15 though out the UK

  • Due to the change in peoples working and social information, information can be gathered through not only the world wide web, but on many various aspects of social media, such as Facebook.  With this every changing world, our work can be promoted and shared at the touch of a button.

  • So now as the every changing world develops, so does our efforts to educate and continue to assist older horses.

  • Our aim now has developed to a more direct educational route.  The charity has been guided by owners and careers needs and we have been directed to a more 'owner responsibility change', where people are wishing to learn more about the management of their older horse, rather than panic and hand a horse over.  Just this one aspect of our work, which means far less horses are taken into our care and far fewer horses and being abandoned in their own field, to fend for themselves.

  • Whilst there will sadly, always be a need for us to 'rescue and rehabilitate' veterans, this is becoming few and far between. 

  • Since the launch of our sister organisation 'Veteran Horse Society' and the promotion of our Charity, feed companies such as Allen & Page, have now developed a range of veteran feeds and this has played a massive part in the well being.  The charity has worked with Allen Page since 2013 and have developed an excellent working relationship, as well as many veteran champions being fed their product.

  • So briefly the summary of the way the charity will now be structured, is to help and educate owners and careers of veterans directly.  To offer support and information to develop their knowledge and confidence whilst they themselves care and support their own veterans.

  • This can still only be achieved with vital resourses.  To date the charity have helped hundreds of horses and ponies, we plan to continue this help by being a support network for owners and carers.  This all takes time, money and resources.  A small donation each month, can make a huge difference to the expansion of our work and to produce new and informative material.

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